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Shirodhara Instruments


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The word Shirodhara comes from two words “Shira” meaning head and “Dhara” meaning stream. Shirodhara is an amazing mind and body healing Ayurveda natural therapy that promoting sound sleep and reducing stress from the mind. Shirodhara treatment gives the calms, relaxation, and cleansing effect on the mind and nervous system of the body that increases freshness in the body. Shirodhara’s Ayurveda therapy vital points in the head that improves blood circulation of the brain. It also helps to reduce stress from the hormones Adrenaline and Noradrenaline and thus relaxes the mind.

Latest and Best Shirodhara Instruments At Atmiya Surgical Website

There are three types of shirodhara procedure like sneha dhara, ksheer dhara, takra dhara, and Atmiya Surgical one of the best online Shirodhra instruments selling website in the INDIA that covers all the three shirodhra treament instruments that would help you to complete your theraphy from your home, clinic, or hospital with best and latest shirodhara procedure, shirodhra is a safe but sometimes some precautions needs to take care such as prevent oil from entering into the eyes or nose, please use professional expert theraphiest and doctor recomodation before using shirodhra instruments at your home.

There are several benefits of Shirodhara such as that relaxes the mind, promotes better sleep, improved the mental concentration, nourishes hair and scalp, reduces anxiety and tear, reduces memory problem, only with the best ayurvedic healing meditation Shirodhara, but how can you do this? Do not worry!! Atmiya surgical in an online instruments selling the website that also sell online Shirodhara instruments at best rates like Shirodhara yantra – electric, Shirodhara pittal lota type, folding Shirodhara table, Shirodhara tray, Shirodhara stand, Shirodhara headband and more. These all are available in different size and quantity, you can buy this as your Shirodhara Ayurveda procedure requirements. It would be best if you do Shirodhara treatment in the morning or evening, expert recommended that. You can also use our instruments to give mild massage before or during Shirodhara, you can use buttermilk, decoctions or even water as a treatment in our lotta type.

Atmiya surgical is the best online shopping website for all kind of Shirodhara instruments needs. It has been 10+ years to the Atmiya surgical selling their products online at cheapest rates, during the 10 years experience, it has been getting several positive reviews from the online customers and provided the latest panchakarma instruments at best rates in the INDIA. Atmiya Surgical team has been working to give best and trusted products to complete your Shirodhara panchakarma Ayurveda. It is only one of online shopping panchakarma instruments in the INDIA or across the Globe. Atmiya Surgical offers Free shipping on all over India and recommended by expert therapist and doctor, and using 100% secure payment methods. You can make payment by credit card or debit card, or by choosing other option, all are accepted here.