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Atmiya Surgical, One of the Leading Brand For Panchakarma Instruments

Atmiya surgical is one of the top sellers for selling of ayurvedic panchakarma instruments. It has included all type of ayurvedic panchakarma products that reducing human manpower and increasing the accuracy of therapy procedures such as basti yantra, bed sheet, Nadi swed pipe, shower plastic with handle, measurement set, appron simple and plastic, God dhanvantri, dropping bottle lope, khal yantra, spine tab, avagah tub, nasya patra, bowl, drav nishkasan yantra, Janu basti yantra, kati basti yantra, Hridya basti yantra, greeva basti yantra, netra basti yantra, shiro basti yantra, niruh basti yantra, electric cooker –ISI and other more ayurvedic panchakarma instruments that help to complete any type of therapy need at affordable rates on atmiyasurgical.com. We have included products with their various features by their size small/medium/large and type wooden/fiber/ steel and more that helps to full fill all your therapy need. We have a different type of product such as handmade and best quality stainless steel items and excellent quality brass, bronze and copper for other accessories that you can buy at reasonable rates.

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